The Nutritional Value of a Raw Dog Food Diet

What is The Nutritional Value of a Raw Dog Food Diet for dogs?People worldwide are enthusiastically switching their pets on to a raw food diet and searching online for the best information to do this correctly and protect the health of their pets. We have tons of good information here on our site through the help of eBook Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals Sharon Bolt’s course and other dog forums as well as helpful vets and pet owners.

A question that keeps coming up is ‘What is the Nutritional Value of a Raw Dog Food Diet’ and how will it benefit my pet?

By putting your pet on a raw food diet only you are providing the best nutrition possible because it is food that is fed in its most natural state which provides all the nutrients a dog would need. This will help your pet live longer and healthier and is a great diet for all dogs all ages, very old dogs, sick dogs, puppies, pregnant dogs and so on.

What are the Nutrients involved in this Diet?

What is The Nutritional Value of a Raw Dog Food Diet for dogs?The best way to get the highest benefits out of this diet is to mix it up, as in have a selection of vegetables, raw meats, fruit and raw meaty bones. From the meat you will get plenty of protein which is great for a growing dog and helps with the immune system. Providing plenty of raw meaty bones (which you can get for free from a lot of butchers) will supply the phosphorous and calcium that all growing dogs need to develop strong bones and is especially great for pregnant dogs to help develop and build strong bones of pups.

The vegetables and fruits will provide plenty of vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, K and a lot of fiber. These will help with digestion and help strengthen your pets’ sensory organs such as the eye sight etc. and the fiber will keep a regular bowl system intact keeping your dog’s system clean and regularly flushing out toxins which will prepare your pets system for the best digestion of future foods it will ingest. Knowing where to buy and what is also important.


Now if you are confused about switching your dog to raw food in general, we created a comprehensive guide to raw food which covers:

  • The best method to switch depending on your dog’s age, health and prior exposure to raw food
  • The best methods to switch your dog to raw food
  • Example recipes and preparation instructions

You can access the Complete Guide To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Diet eBook here or click on the image below:



Some Foods You Should Include in this Diet

Fruit, and plenty of it. This will insure that your pet gets tons of Vitamin C which is great for the immune system. Fruit also provides anti-oxidants which fight of free radicals that can cause aging, cancer and other problems. The sweetness of berries is a hit with most dogs and these provide a lot of anti-oxidants.

Another important and tasty food for your pet is Liver which is packed full of zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B which are all essential nutrients needed to maintain strength and keep your dog nice and lean.

Providing your pet with the raw food diet will help give it all the minerals and vitamins it need naturally during each stage of its life and if done properly and with the right proportions you will not need to give your dog vitamin supplements.

But how do you know if your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs? What are the signs that that you can tell that this diet is working with your pet? How do you know how much of each food you need to provide for your dog?

A lot of this important information is the subject matter of one of the sources we get our information from – Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals Sharon Bolt’s called magnificent course. Here you will a complete list of minerals and vitamins your dog will need. You can also find out here how to spot problems and deficiencies with your pet and this book also discusses what the ‘dog food pyramid’ is. You can also find out what types of foods you need to use and how much you should be feeding all types of dogs from puppies, adult dogs to pregnant dogs and so on, a very important book for all pet owners.



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