Some Basic Reasons To Switch Your Dog to a Raw Food Diet Now


In the human world, veganism is the hot new health trend that has been gradually rising. Similarly, in the dog world, raw food has been increasing in popularity for domesticated canines. Placing a dog on a raw food diet, consisting of things like uncooked meat, fruits, vegetables, and other organically raw minerals, can have numerous potential benefits, but also comes with its cons.

In this article, we will analyze all the nuances associated with a raw food diet, so that you can decide surely if this is the right or wrong move for your individual pet.


As the name suggests, a raw foods diet is reverting a dog back to its original, carnivorous nature. The days were dogs hunted amongst wolves almost indistinguishably, feasting on whatever small (and even sometimes large) prey darted across the vision, or was clumsy enough to let their scent get entrained in the beast’s nostrils.

As grotesque as it may sound, a raw foods diet doesn’t take the dog back into these predatory days, as there are numerous brands carrying civil, frozen yet uncooked dog food. Additionally, fruits, vegetables, berries, and other organic nutrients constitute as raw foods. There are numerous meal combinations and almost an endless amount of possibilities!


A raw foods diet can have many benefactors for the dog, some of which are listed below.

● Firmer stools – Generally, a raw foods diet has an added sense of fiber. This leads to their stool, or poop, being thicker and more consistent. Ideally, dog stool is supposed to be one long, continuous piece of feces that isn’t too hard nor liquidated. Firmer stools usually signify that a dog is healthy, does not suffer from digestive problems or kidney problems, and is maintaining proper nutrition and hydration.

● HEALTHIER COAT – Skin and coats tend to be shinier and more resistant to damage, keeping dogs warmer, more protected, and of course, more comfortable.

● GREAT FOR DOGS WITH ALLERGIES – Raw dog food is ideal for dogs who have allergies to the commercial brands, as usually they contain additives, preservatives, or other chemicals that can trigger a harsh reaction in a dog’s nervous system.

● POSSIBLE MEDICAL IMPROVEMENTS – Although not verified, there have been many reports that a chronically ill dog can have significant improved health wise once switching to a raw foods diet.

While a raw foods diet certainly carries many pros, there are of course two sides to every coin.

● FOOD CONTAMINATION- Because of the uncooked quality, the food may contain harmful bacteria or even parasites that can cause your dog to become very ill. It would be akin to eating sushi, it is a rare occurrence, but there’s always the chance of mercury poisoning.

Additionally, food contamination can harm the owner or other handlers of the dog as well, since these infections could be food borne, meaning they spread from simple contact with the food, and not just on consumption, but again, this is very rare.

There is a ton of information out there and on our site we have many courses or books worth your time and investment (see to the right) but always do your research before switching to a raw food diet for your pet. It takes time, knowledge and patience. But the benefits are massive and any dog owner will tell you this. Good luck!

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