Reasons a Raw Food Diet is Better For Your Dog

7 Reasons a Raw Food Diet is Better For Your DogJust think, how old is commercial food? Not too old in its creation. Long before commercial food, what did our dogs eat? These are a couple of hard-asked questions to ponder on and I’m sure when you think about it, you can only agree that growth of human-made commercial food can not be good for a dog, that for thousands of years has ate raw food or scraps. guide and online course we never expected our website to become as popular as it did, but this we suspected was the growing trend in pet owners, switching over to a Raw Food Diet for their pets that has continued to grow and grow and the feed back with delighted dog owners has been overwhelming.

Still, a lot of people are curious, afraid and do not know where to begin (which is why we have Maggie’s book on our website) so today we will give seven quick reasons to make the switch now, or to do your research to help your dog have a better, healthier life.


7 Reasons To Make The Switch to a Raw Food Diet

  1. 7 Reasons a Raw Food Diet is Better For Your DogWith the right proportions, you can provide your pet with all the nutrients required to keep your dog healthy and energetic without the need for supplements or vitamins, though in some cases, adding the right supplements can have advantages.
  2. Your dogs coat will shine. This is very noticeable and well discussed on our Facebook page among dog owners that have made the switch. The dogs coat shines and smells amazing without any need for products.
  3. Small but noticeable health benefits are no doggy breath (this is a massive plus) perfect weight and body size, more active and energetic.
  4. You know the quality of the food you are giving your dog. With commercial food, it’s commercial for a reason, it’s mass produced and full of crap, where as, with raw food, you choose the quality and prepare it yourself, to me, this is very important.
  5. Like humans eating a good diet, your pet will have fewer sick days, recover faster from illnesses, and can be less risk of being exposed to canine allergens.
  6. Canine cancer is higher in dogs that are just fed commercial foods. Providing the right diet, making a diet-plan that is not too time-consuming but becomes a habit will help add years on to your pets life. Now we all want that.
  7. You will save money. A much healthier dog means less time at a vet and no need for supplements and vitamins which can all add up to a big expense.

These are just a few of the reasons you should start learning how to feed your dog a raw food diet. I always like to think of animals as like humans, as in, if you as a person that likes to eat healthy and logically then why shouldn’t our pets be any different, they need to function properly too. Living on a commercial diet is the equivalent of a human regularly living on a burger diet.

Do your research. Find the right information before making the change. Snoop this site and check out the other sites we recommend. Find books locally, on Amazon such as Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Mealsdownloadable step-by-step guide that has helped thousands of dog owners like us. Enjoy and comment below, let us know your story.





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