Why You Should Switch To Raw Food Diet For Your Dog?

8 Reasons Why Switching To A Raw Food Diet Is Better For Your DogIt’s a world wide slow process but it’s getting there, people are starting to finally do research and switch from commercial dog food to a healthier Raw Food Diet, and it is doing wonders for their pets, but no good for the bank balances of major dog food companies.

So why would you make a switch? There are so many good reasons, and on this site it is well worth snooping around to get the feeling that it’s natural, healthier and makes more sense to do so. We promote doing so, but also preach and ask you to do as much research as you can before making the switch, very important.

There is plenty of excellent information of the good and bad for switching but once you know exactly what you are doing and follow the right guidelines you will never look back and your pet will thank you for it.

Here are 8 reasons why a Raw Food Diet is better for your dog.

8 Reasons Why Switching To A Raw Food Diet Is Better For Your Dog1. Let’s start with a simple fact: This is the diet that their bodies are best suited for. Just like humans, dogs are suited to certain types of foods for nutrition and vitamin purpose. For thousands of years, dogs have been eating raw foods and not cooked, artificial or commercial food which only came about in the last few decades.

Eating what they are meant to be eating and what their bodies are built for will help digestion and provide the nutrients and energy from these foods.

2. Be more resistant to diseases and infections. Once your pet is getting the right food into its body and receiving the right amount of nutrients, the pet will be much healthier and energetic. This is why, researching and finding the right information, and making a plan will help your pet.

3. It helps beat food contamination, parasites and bacteria. Learning to store and control the food you give your pet will help lessen the chance of your pet getting sick.

4. Your dog will look much healthier. Your dog can be more prone to dull coats, bad breath and ticks because of unhealthy artificial dog foods. Switching to raw diet will help fix these common problems, especially the bad breath we all come across with dogs.

8 Reasons Why Switching To A Raw Food Diet Is Better For Your Dog5. Beat Cancer. Canine cancer is higher in dogs that are just fed commercial foods. Providing the right diet, making a diet-plan that is not too time-consuming but becomes a habit will help add years on to your pets life. Now we all want that.

6. Dog odor. Yes, we have come across or have had pets in our lives that have bad doggie odor. This is down to the chemicals in some dog foods. By giving your pet the right nutrients from raw food, this will help the pets body as well as the coat.

7. The right weight. A massive problem worldwide is dog obesity. Really drives me crazy. Learning how to create a raw food diet will let you be in control of the foods you give (meats and drinks) and this will keep your pet at the right healthier weight. I always recommend this website that shows you what weight your pet should be, check it out here.

8. You save money. There are many ways this happens. Once you know the foods and have made a well researched plan, you can find the right cuts of meats from local butchers that are cost-friendly. Because of a much healthier diet you have provided for your dog, you will have less visits to the vets, and that will also save a lot of money.

These reasons above to make the switch are just the tip of the ice-berg. Most pet owners we know, want what is best for their pets but do not know how to go about it, or just need a kick up the bum.

There is a ton of information out there, most of it good, but do proper research, snoop around this site, as a dog owner this site was built around the fact that we provide our dog with the best diet possible and hope to help other do so too.


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