5 Reasons Your Dog Is Overweight and UnhealthyDo you think your dog looks healthy? Do you believe your pet is of the correct weight? What would you do if you found out your dog had weight problems and it was all down to the pet owner?

A lot of people do not know that their dogs are overweight and slowly being killed. In the US alone it is estimated 45% of dogs are actually obese. Today, dogs are Fatter than ever, frightening. Fat dogs usually have shorter life spans and can contract Heart disease, Cancerous tumors, Diabetes, Arthritis, Immune dysfunction, Lung disorders and High blood pressure.

Usually you will hear pet owners say, “How is it possible for our pet to be overweight? He hardly eats anything” and “we constantly walk him”.  There are many factors to why your dog is overweight and unhealthy and here are but a few…

1. Free Feeding

This is a very common action by pet owners, basically, feeding nearly 24hrs a day, letting the dog eat when it likes, free choice basically. This is unnatural for a dog and the pet is just eating for the sake of it when food is left around, leading to unnatural hormonal changes and making weight-loss harder.

You need to make a schedule for feeding time for your pet (if you are working, unable, there are  timed automatic feeders you can buy) this will get your pet in to a habit of knowing when it is feeding time and to make this work you need also to move on to next point which is

2. Too Big of Portions of Food

Dogs are way overfed when food is not measured and just guessed, this is one of the commonest problems amongst dog owners and one of the main reasons dog go obese. There is an actual Dog Food Calculator, use it to find the measurements you should be giving to the type of dog you have. Your dog should be fed 2-4 small portions a day, that is it.

3. The Food You Feed Your Pet

5 Reasons Your Dog Is Overweight and UnhealthyUnbeknownst to most dog owners (though this is gradually changing) is that the commercial dog food and treats that you think are healthy for your pets are actually one of the main factors your pet is unhealthy, overweight and having a shorter life span. There are way too many artificial flavorings and ingredients in commercial food hence why so many are switching their pets to a Raw Food Diet.

Before you feed your pet commercial food again, do some research. Look at the label and then make the decision. The findings might come as a shock. Start thinking about making a switch to a Raw Food Diet, and if you are unsure of what this is, go find out, scroll through this site or others, buy books, check out Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals  which helped us make the switch and has every detail you need.

4. Not Enough Exercise

It’s hard to believe that a lot of dogs do not get any exercise at all, this is shocking. Dogs are normally high in energy and need a lot of exercise to burn calories. A small walk here and there is not enough. 30 Minutes or more is what is needed. Go for longer walks, let your pet swim, throw a ball, climb a stairs and so on (don’t forget this will benefit you too.)

Just like humans, with no exercise and a bad diet, this will lead to weight-gain quite quickly and of course inevitable bad health.

5. The Treats You Give Your Dog

Every dog needs a treat now and again, it’s an emotional bond between pet owner and pet. But, you really need to be careful of the treat you give. Believe it or not, some people give sweets, ice-cream, chips, chocolate etc, as a treat which is just plain madness and can lead to the dog gaining an addiction as well as a ton of weight.

You need to change all this. If you give your pet a commercial-treat, be sure to read labels and research the product. It would be better to research Raw Food Diet treats for pets, a much healthier option. There is plenty of excellent advice around the net as well from Maggie’s Book and others. You want your dog enjoying a treat, not being slowly killed by it.

Get Your Pet Healthy Today

Bring your pet to a vet and your veterinarian should help you do this by screening your pet for certain conditions that can contribute to obesity and see what condition your pet is in. Start your plan by knowing your dog’s ideal weight (use this Dog Food Calculator as a starting point) and make a decision to change your pets diet to a Raw Food Diet. Ask your veterinarian about this and come back to our site for help and recommendations. We all love our pets and want what’s best for them, start today and do what is right. Good Luck



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