Eliminate Potty Mouth in a Dog - A Guide To Help Stop Coprophagia

‘Eliminate Potty Mouth’ A Guide To Help Stop Coprophagia

Eliminate Potty Mouth in a Dog - A Guide To Help Stop Coprophagia‘Eliminate Potty Mouth- Guide to stopping Coprophagia in dogs has become one of the most downloaded guides for pet owners who are having problems with their dogs, constantly eating their poop.

This problem, as when we researched due to having a similar problem, is an extremely surprising common problem among dog owners and most people do not know what to do when they discover this plus again surprisingly, there are few proven methods to deal with it.

We had this problem a few months back. For around 4 months our King Charles had out of nowhere, started eating her own poop and yes, we where horrified and I near puked. It is not a pretty site and we now know of many people suffering similar reactions and problems and lost in limbo with embarrassment and not a notion what to do about it.

At one stage, we noticed and questioned just where her poop was going when we let her out into the back garden to do her duty, which was always in the same place, easy to find and clean. Then one day and for the next while, the poop was disappearing. Yes, she was eating it and anytime she would poop, she would eat.


Will Potty Mouth Dog Medicine Work?

There are several types of potty mouth dog medicine out there. Many claim to be effective at reducing or completely eliminating potty mouth. Here’s the thing about
potty mouth dog medicine – its hard to tell whether its effective or not as in most cases, you will be trying different solutions at the same time. More importantly, it may work for some dogs and not work for other dogs. For example, this Four Paws Potty Mouth Dog Coprophagia Prevention Chewable Tablets has ben forund to be effective for some dogs, yet not effective for others.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of potty mouth dog medicine may very well depend on your dog’s physiology and so we cannot guatrentee that potty mouth dog medicine will work for you, however it’s worth a try.


Why Was This Happening?

Following some extensive all about this issue, we found a lot of information in books we bought on Amazon and articles online. Even our vet could only say it was a common occurrence and gave us a couple of exercises to try. There were many reasons, but it our case, it was a physiological issue.

Lucky enough we came across an excellent digital guide called ‘Eliminate Potty Mouth‘ by Vernon Lee which had the best well-researched and step-by-step plan on how to stop our dog eating her own poop. The guide was packed full of information and gave us 3 steps starting with the easiest and most effective method and moving on to more involved methods if the first ones don’t work. Thankfully we only needed the first but wow did it work.


What’s In This Guide?

A lot of people are at their wits end and stressed with what their dogs are doing. Not only is it horrible and a little embarrassing it can also be dangerous but this behavior can also put your family at risk with Salmonella, Toxocariasis and other nasty infections; dogs do love licking.

In ‘Eliminate Potty Mouth‘ you will get:

  • Advice on going to vets
  • Easy training exercises that will stop your dog eating feces in a matter of days
  • Excellent information on natural foods we use in our kitchens that can be used instead of shop bought chemical additives which I found to be great advice that also saved money.
  • Brilliantly researched information on the gut health of dogs and why 80% of feces eating pets have bad guts and how to quickly fix this
  • How the food you use may be the problem and may even be making it worse.
  • Everything you need to know about the dangerous health condition that may be causing you dogs coprophagia
  • What three ingredients in commercial food that you should avoid at all times
  • It also talks about going raw, bacteria and parasites.
  • That how your reaction may also be a problem since dogs love attention and you reaction may seem like a reward. I found this information very helpful and eye opening.
  • 3 different methods that are guaranteed to work – a gut fix method, a natural method and clicker method, very interesting and effective
  • How dangerous is dog poop?

Eliminate Potty Mouth in a Dog - A Guide To Help Stop CoprophagiaThis is just the tip of the iceberg as the guide is packed full of extra information you will know your pet inside and out as well as help them stop eating their own poop.

The guide helps with diet (very important) and has brilliant information on natural supplements for people with coprophagiac dogs. The information in it with method one and how we changed our dogs diet was what helped us stop her eating her feces.

You will also find out about the possible reasons your pet is doing this and why little scientific research has been done on dog coprophagy. Also, what reasons are there that can make this become a problem?

Even more importantly, as all of us love our pets and want to know everything about them, you will discover about possible health issues your dog may have which is very important since your dog eating their feces could be any of these problems and there are many telltale signs to look out for. Excellent section in this guide.

Eliminate Potty Mouth is one of the most downloaded guides for people with dog problems and the reason is, it works and helps. We cannot recommend a better guide and solution and the many great reviews on Vernon Lee’s guide is a testament to this, thousands of dog owners have been helped including us.

The information alone on diet and what foods you should and should not be giving to your dog was worth the download and fascinating too. Vernon Lee has researched and tested everything, including commercial remedies, 11 in total and how they did not work for him.

So, if like us you had the same problems, be sure to check out Vernon’s guide ‘Eliminate Potty Mouth‘ and start stopping your dog form eating their own feces. It is an excellent guide and sure to help you eventually help your much loved pet.




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