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Eliminate Potty Mouth in a Dog - A Guide To Help Stop CoprophagiaOur little dog began eating it’s own feces a few months back to our horror and began to regularly do this every time she would go to the toilet. Many dog owners have this problem and have great difficulty trying to stop their pets from doing this.

After searching online we found many sites with recommendations and information and we tried it all, but still the problem continued. Because we had switched our dog to a Raw Food Diet and also created a business around doing so, we though that maybe this could be the problem. Thankfully no.

Eating waste is called coprophagia and is a very common problem among dogs and hard to stop when there are not many direct or helpful solutions. As humans of course we will find this disgusting and sometimes stomach churning, but this behavior can also put your family at risk with Salmonella, Toxocariasis and other nasty infections.

We bought a couple of Amazon books and downloaded plenty of articles, essays and dog training digital books, but the best guide we found that solved our problem was aptly digital product called Eliminate Pottymouth‘ if it states this, then it should back it up, and luckily enough it worked.

With over 25000 downloads (that shows how many like us had a similar problem) that was a good sign and all the reviews where positive.

What This Guide Shows You?

What was brilliant about this digital guide, apart from the simple understandable language was the lay-out, a 3 step protocol, starting with the easiest method of trying to fix your pets gut which apparently works for 80% of dog owners.

And then, if after a couple of weeks this does not work, the guide directs you to a most effective method using natural supplements for around 7-10 days which is said to work with 5-10% of cases, very informative.

By then, if the first two methods do not work and you are still having problems, you can move on to more involved method which is Clicker Training Behavior Modification which takes a lot of effort but worth it in the end simply because you will change your pets behavior for the better.

If you really want to stop your dog eating their own poop then this guide is for you. Not only will you solve the problem you will learn a great deal about dogs and their digestive systems.

When we started our Raw Food For Dogs business through using a similar guide, we never expected it to be as successful as it became or for us to become so knowledgeable about our pets, but because of people creating such valuable information we are now learning about our pets behavior.

This Guide Gives You…

  • Advice on going to vets
  • Easy training exercises that will stop your dog eating feces in a matter of days
  • Excellent information on natural foods we use in our kitchens that can be used instead of shop bought chemical additives which I found to be great advice that also saved money.
  • Brilliantly researched information on the gut health of dogs and why 80% of feces eating pets have bad guts and how to quickly fix this
  • How the food you use may be the problem and may even be making it worse.
  • Everything you need to know about the dangerous health condition that may be causing you dogs coprophagia
  • What three ingredients in commercial food that you should avoid at all times
  • It also talks about going raw, bacteria and parasites.
  • That how your reaction may also be a problem since dogs love attention and you reaction may seem like a reward. I found this information very helpful and eye opening.

A Must Have Guide to Solve Coprophagia!

If, like we did, you have a dog that likes to eat their own poop and you want to stop this problem, then there is no better information and online downloadable guide around, and it is very easy to see why it is so popular since it has helped a lot of dog owners like us stop this problem.

We as pet owners and dog lovers are always looking to help, improve and keep our dogs health as good as ours, hence why we like to share helpful information to one another so I hope that many dog owners with similar problems will find all they need with this fantastic digital guide.

Check out this guide here if you need it.

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