We are pet lovers, from cats to dogs and only recently in the last couple of years have been treating our pets with total respect with their diets, feeding them Raw Food and have seen amazing changes for the good in their health, look and energy and want to share our knowledge of information (which really we would not have gotten anywhere were it not for the help from the excellent Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lovers Compendium e-book) and other pet lovers and vets also.

This site is set up with all the latest news, information, guides and books available to help the growing number of people who are searching for information to help them turn there pets towards the Raw Food Diet and on to better lives.

We believe, it is very important to research and know all the information about Raw Foods for pets before you start feeding your dog or cat raw meats and veg.

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, old pet, pregnant pet, stubborn pet and so on, you will find information here or in e-books, video, articles, that will help you make all the right decisions when embarking on the switch to Raw for your pet.

It’s important to have the right guide and right information for the health of your pet, but making the switch is the right way forward and you will be rewarded with a healthier and more energetic pet.

Be sure to check out all the articles and posts here plus the popular complete guide provided by Maggie Rhines’ “Going Rawr! Dog Lovers Compendium’ which is highly recommended here especially for people who are unsure of where to begin and what to do.

Take advantage of the information. If you have any insight, any extra information, any input in to how your pet is getting along with the change, do share with us either by leaving a comment below or contacting us here and let us share your valuable insight for others to learn from.

Have a great day, love your pets,

The Raw Food Diet For Pets team.

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