Problems With Dogs and the Raw Food Diet!

Why Is Your Dog Vomiting And Having Diarrhea After Switching To A Raw Dog Food Diet?Have you taken the right step and switched your dog from a commercial food diet (grains, tinned foods etc.) to a raw dog food diet? Has your dog started to vomit? Have you noticed loose poo?

The main reason for some of these problems is that your pet may be going through a detoxification period and there is nothing to worry about. This happens when your dog’s body starts to clear and cleanse itself from the previous diet you were giving it. This is very normal when any animal even we humans make a change to diets.

The amount of toxins in your pets system will determine how long this process will last. This normally begins within 2 to 3 days after you make the switch to raw and can last up to 6 days depending on the dog.

Signs  to watch out for with detoxification include loose poo, bad breath,, increased bowels, itchy skin, vomiting, earwax build up and a foul odor, but all this will pass quickly. With some dogs it has been known to last for a few weeks in rare cases, but, if your dog is still vomiting after more than a week be sure to take it to the vet.

Did you know, before you start your dog on the Raw Dog Food Diet you can choose to start the detoxifying process?

Some dog owners do this because of the major benefits you can have with early detoxification. Two important benefits are

  1. You can cleanse the toxins from your dog’s body beforehand which will help prepare his body to absorb the nutrients from the much improved, new and healthier diet that you’re going to be introducing your pet too.
  2. Your dog will be very hungry once it’s been detoxified, making it easier for your pet (and you) to get used to the new diet. This is a great bonus all round and especially for pets that are picky eaters (as were mine).

What to do if you plan to detoxify your pet before the introduction to Raw Foods?

Why Is Your Dog Vomiting And Having Diarrhea After Switching To A Raw Dog Food Diet?Start your dog on to a liquid diet over a period of around 2 to 3 days. As for the old diet, stop it, time to let it go. Just keep feeding your pet water for the next few days. If you are concerned about the lack of energy you can also give some homemade broths which will help allow your pet’s body get rid of all unwanted toxins while they lie there. As soon as the fast is over, your dog will be ready, hungry and able to be introduced to the healthier and better suited Raw food diet.

There is no doubt that making the switch and detoxifying will affect all pets differently. Some will be sicker than others but remember this is a natural reaction and not to panic. It’s up to you whether you want to decide to let your dog detoxify while making the switch or before you introduce them to the raw food diet. Either way, the most important thing to do is make sure you flush away all the toxins within the system. The more toxins flushed, the healthier you pet will be in the long run and will get the best out of their new diet.

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