Meet Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs The Natural Way

Make the Switch To RAW Dog Food easy on you and your dog

Raw food diet for dogsWe all love our pets and want what is right for them. Have you ever wondered about how to get your dog started on a raw food diet but think maybe that:

It’s way too expensive and

It’s too time consuming.

My pet could get parasites or food poisoning from eating raw foods.

That commercially bought  dog food is a complete source of  nutrients, vitamins and food for my dog anyway.

It is a well known fact that commercially bought food is actually the worse type of diet for your pet, be it a dog or cat due to the huge amount of processing and additives that go into the preparation of the commercial foods.

This can lead to immediate effects such as bad dog breath or a dull coat, and some long term effects can increase the risk of canine cancers simply because these foods contain chemicals that are not normal for your dog and may eventually make them sickly and die early.

If your dog is still fed on a commercial food diet, you need to switch your dogs food diet immediately. There is a huge change happening around the world with pet owners and the switching over to Raw Foods for their pets, young and old, simply because there is a ton of information and research available to back up and help create better lives for you pets.

Like all other pet owners, I took it upon myself to do the research and find out what was right for my dogs and cat. This wasn’t easy, but after talking to many vets, combing many pet forums worldwide, reading tons of research papers, contacting other pet owners for advice, reading many books and e-books including Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet which I highly recommend and we will dwell deeper into that book within this site as we go along.

By grabbing all the information possible, I will put it all together in this mini site, make it simple to navigate, packed full of any information possible on helping turn your pet towards the raw diet and helping our pets become healthier and stronger. You will find information on what types of food to buy?, also problems that may occur with your pet and more.

Why Is The Raw Food Diet the best for your dog?

I always answer this logically. Think of yourself, us, humans and the change our bodies can have if we start eating more RAW food such as raw vegetables and fruits, leaner meats and think the same for your dog.

Remember, years back before the invention of commercial food, what did our pets eat? They ate uncooked unprocessed foods with no artificial flavourings or colorings, eating the way their bodies were built for letting them digest better and get all the nutrients and energy from the right food. Unprocessed raw meat, fruits and vegetables contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that dogs need to thrive.

Dogs on a Raw Food Diet Will..

Raw food diet for dogshave very shiny coat without needing special coat care products

have no horrible Doggie breath

overall smell better

have more energy

be leaner, less fat with a good healthy body shape

better brighter and stronger teeth

save on vet visits, supplements and medicines simply because your dog is healthier

live longer to a good oul age

I can’t think of any reason why we, as pet owners would not want all of these for our pets, but, as a pet lover I know most do, and most people will actually go out of their way to do whats right for their pets at any cost even if the pet is a hamster, snake, gold fish, most of us are animal lovers and will always try do the right thing.

What about The Preparation Time?

Raw food diet for dogsYou may think that this will be very time consuming, though it can be, it can easily be managed one you have the right system in place. When I used Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet I learned how to buy and prepare raw food in batches, so you don’t need to do it everyday which was also packed full of information on how to keep the risk of food contamination as low as possible.

Once you get into the habit it becomes second nature and the reward is huge.

Tons of pet owners worldwide are turning to the Raw Diet to the dismay of the big companies, but this is simply because they see the benefits and change in their pets. But, before you do switch over to the Raw Food Diet, find out all the information you can find, talk to your vet, read forums, search this site, there will be plenty of information available, download “Going Rawr, Dog Lovers Compendium” by Maggie Rhine which will be reviewed here and is a wonderful investment of knowledge and information to get you started and on the right track.

Make the Switch To RAW Food easy on you and your dog and remember this is just natural and perfect for

  • Puppies
  • Adult Dogs
  • Pregnant Dogs
  • Ill & Weak Dogs
  • Small Toy Dogs
  • Big Dogs
  • Overweight Dogs
  • Underweight Dogs

Start Today, Help Your Pet Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle Through the Simplicity of a Raw Food Diet