Important Information On Weaning Your Puppy To A Raw Food Diet!

Weaning Puppies: How and When To Wean Puppies To A Raw Dog Food Diet?An increasing amount of pet owners these days are learning about the raw food diet for their dogs and the its benefits and want to start their puppies or kittens on to raw food right from the beginning. And by starting their pets on this type of diet from an early age will allow them to gain the most benefits possible and have a healthier start in life.

This diet will make sure they get all the nutrients needed by a puppy to start forming their bodies strongly and healthier in a form that they can handle. This is why it is very important and much advised that you start them on the raw food diet as soon as possible.

How To Start?       

To begin with, you will need to start off with some milk meals to wean them from their mother. Some people want to wait until the puppy is 3 to 5 weeks old but you can start as early as 2 and a half weeks to start on this type of diet.

I was advised to start off with goats milk (actually it is much preferred) as it is easier for a puppy to digest, but you can also prepare raw or fresh milk meals too which are fine as cow’s milk is probably the most common milk used when weaning puppies.

It is also important to add some natural ingredients to your milk whether you use goats or cows milk. These natural ingredients will provide the extra nutrients your puppy needs that are essential for growth and some pet owners also like to add in some vitamin c and b supplements as a precaution and so there are no problems. Some of these ingredients can include..

– Flaxseed oil

– Eggs without the shells

– Yogurt

– Unprocessed Honey

These ingredients can all be put into a blender along with the milk to be mixed well and ready to be served to your pet.

What Age Are They Ready For the Solid Food?

Weaning Puppies: How and When To Wean Puppies To A Raw Dog Food Diet? A lot of pet owners with experience will already know this. Puppies, when just a few weeks old will want and need to be fed usually around 4 to 5 times a day. Base this on how often they would nurse from their mother.

Look out for signs that your pet may be ready for solid food such as some new teeth or that the mother may be regurgitating the food and feeding the puppy. This can all happen when the pup is around 6 weeks old. As soon as you see these signs it is more than likely time to start introducing some solid food into the diet of the pet and a lot of people like to start with some vegetable mush with around fifty percent protein content.

Important Things To Remember Before Starting

1. Animal offal or organs are a good source of protein and other nutrients that your growing puppies need. But make sure that these do not make up more than 10% of your puppies meals and know what to buy and where to buy it?

2. Continue to serve the milk meals while you are starting your puppy on the solids.

3. Stay away from grains when dealing with puppies as you can end up giving then allergies.

4. Use animal organs or offal as a great source of protein but make sure at the start that this does not make up more that 10% of your pets meal.

5. Puree the foods very well as this will make sure that the pup gets all the nutrients it needs from the meal you will serve. Avoid anything from the cabbage family as this can give your pet some thyroid or gas problems.

6. Take it week by week. One week, give the pup the same type of vegetable and the next week a meat, keeping it interesting and gradually getting your pet use to the foods. This will also help you identify potential food allergies (it is important to keep note of what you feed the pet) and by doing this you will know the foods your pet is not allergic to and eventually you can start mixing these foods.

Weaning Puppies: How and When To Wean Puppies To A Raw Dog Food Diet?Be sure to alternate the meals you serve you pet. It is all about balance and variety over a certain period of time and soon your pet will become accustomed to the process and will start enjoying the benefits.

The whole switching or starting your pet on to the raw food diet require a lot of attention to detail, planning and knowledge and I got mine from Sharon Bolts’ book called “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium” that I am always banging on about and recommending it to fellow pet owners. It has everything you need to know, step by step and is one of the most important downloadable books for pet owners out do. Do check out Sharon Bolts’ Course here..