What Types Of Dogs is the Raw Food Diet Recommended For?

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What Types Of Dogs is the Raw Food Diet Recommended For?A recurring collection of questions that keeps popping up on our website by enthusiastic pet owners are ‘Will this Raw Food Diet suit my dog?‘ or ‘My dog is pregnant, will this diet be suitable?‘ to name but a few questions. The feeling is, a lot of pet owners are still unsure whether the Raw Food Diet will suit their dog when in reality, this diet is for all types of pets.

If a pet owner was told that by making the switch to a raw diet for their pet their dog would live an extra 5 years they would gladly listen I’m sure. This is one of the best reasons to make the switch and to learn how to do it properly and gradually as you can do here on this site or in the guide book to the right.

But, for people wondering ‘what if my pet is unsuited to this diet‘, I will list the types of pets below that are suitable to this healthy diet and they are

Puppies, yes, starting your puppy young from the beginning is the way forward but you should not start a puppy on this diet until they have nursed with their mother for at least 3-4 weeks.

Adult Dogs. If your pet has spent most of it’s life eating commercial food, it will be a challenge switching over but once you do the research, make it a slow process, in no time your pet will be hooked on raw food and looking and feeling healthier.

Pregnant Dogs, The raw food diet will provide all the nutrition and vitamins a dog needs to help them through the difficult time of pregnancy.

Ill & Weak Dogs. Finding the right raw food for sick pets can help them get better and stronger much quicker than a pet that eats useless commercial food

Small Toy Dogs. Just because they are tiny, does not mean they will not love raw meat or veg, common misconception.

Big Dogs. It takes a lot of commercial food to feed a large dog, yet it is possible to source fresh cheap cuts of meats or bones from your local butcher that can fill a large dog saving you money in food and health bills.

Overweight Dogs. There are much too many overweight dogs, frighteningly so that it is becoming an epidemic due to overfeeding and bad pet owners. Learning how to switch your pet to a healthier diet will over time, help them lose weight and get back to feeling better on the inside.

What Types Of Dogs is the Raw Food Diet Recommended For?Underweight Dogs. Again, underfed dogs or dogs fed non-nutritional dog food will vastly benefit from a Raw Food Diet that will help bring them up to their recommended weight which you can calculate here on this excellent website.

As you can see, all dogs all shapes and sizes, all breeds at all stages can suit the diet. It is important, if you choose to make the switch, that you study, research all the information you can.

There is a lot great information out there but also a lot of misinformation so choose wisely. Talk to your local vet and snoop around this website. Also, we recommend the hugely popular ‘Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet ‘ course which we feature on our website.

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