How do I measure out raw food for dogs and how much?

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How do I measure out raw food for dogs and how much?A lot of people are struggling with this question and a question we notice popping up all over the dog forums, that question is ‘How do I measure out raw food for dogs?’

It is an important one, one based on dog size and weight and is pretty easy to accomplish. A lot of the commercial food that people buy for their pets is pretty easy to measure for your dog basically because the company tells you how much to give at each feeding time and how often?

But, now that we know how dangerous commercial food is for our pets, more and more people are discovering how good a natural raw food diet is for their pets and making the switch, but struggling with how much meat and vegetables to give to their pets because, well, there are no packets of meat to tell you how much to give.

So how do you measure out the raw foods for your pet? Lucky enough I took  Sharon Bolt’s-Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet ” online course and it had a very simple answer (which is why we love this course) and she basically say’s that you should measure out the pet’s servings based on the pet’s weight in kilos or pounds (use what you are comfortable with).

In this book and on her site, she also talks about how often you should feed your pet where she recommends just twice a day of feeding. She has based these numbers on her recommended weekly feeding schedule (which is invaluable) which shows you how to balance out your pet’s protein and vegetable intake in an overall basis instead of per meal (which is very important).

Plus a huge bonus with this plan is it gives important tips on what to do with very thin dogs, underweight and overweight dogs, as well as obese and sick pets. So, if you do know the weight of your pet, either in kilos or pounds, learn how measure and distribute the daily intake of raw food by checking out this excellent course

Also, here is a website we like that uses Dog-Calculators which is worth checking out and using. Go here to check it out.

How do I measure out raw food for dogs and how much?


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