Can a raw food diet be fed to Puppies or Pregnant Dogs?

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Can raw food be fed to pregnant dogs? What about puppies?

Can a raw food diet be fed to Puppies or Pregnant Dogs?This is an important question and one that we see come up again and again here or in dog forums. And with the huge increase in people switching their dogs to a raw food diet to change the diets of their pets for the better, it is great to see people doing the proper research before making the switch.

A lot of people are asking, wondering or worrying about their pregnant dogs and puppies. This worrying increases especially after the birth and arrival of new puppies. A lot want to know (especially people new to the raw food diet) whether this kind of diet is fine to try on a pregnant dog or new born.

The simple answer is yes it is fine. There are huge benefits to a pregnant dog when you feed her a raw food diet during and after the pregnancy. An important example is, you can easily boost your dogs calcium intake that they need which helps develop the pups bones aswell as replace the calcium they might lose from their own bones. The raw food diet will provide all the nutrition and vitamins a dog needs to help them through the difficult time of pregnancy.

Can a raw food diet be fed to Puppies or Pregnant Dogs?As for puppies and whether or when to feed them the raw food diet; you should not start a puppy on this diet until they have nursed with their mother for at least 3-4 weeks. Soon after this time, you can start to wean the puppy from the mother’s milk and start slowly to introduce a raw food diet through milk meals. We have talked about how to wean puppies on to a raw food diet in more detail here.

It takes a little practice and research to properly look after your pregnant dog and puppy but easy enough when you know how. We learned how to feed our puppies and pregnant dog and also how to wean our puppies from thorough research with vets, forums and the brilliant course by Sharon Bolt called “Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet “.

This has all the information and how to in one place where raw feeding is discussed and taught step by step; you can also get recipes for both pregnant dogs and puppies. Click through and check out her course Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet here on Sharon’s site for the best help you need with your dogs and the raw food diet.



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